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Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program connects cannabis companies with influencers who can produce the content needed to drive sales. If you are an influencer who has a following, consider turning your talent into added income by participating in a powerful part of cannabis marketing.

Green Affiliates


Content is a powerful tool that helps to differentiate your products or brands from others in your marketplace. Green Affiliates is a platform that makes it easy for companies like yours to find the perfect affiliate. We have a screening process for adding new affiliates to our platform so you can guarantee a quality cannabis marketing experience.

How Our Program Works

Powerful Tools to Grow Your Business

Website Platform Integrations

Green Affiliates integrates with all eCommerce and CMS platforms.

Why Choose Us

Here are just a few reasons as to why you should join our network

Green Affiliates

Centralized Program

It is a single marketplace where cannabis brands can find the perfect cannabis affiliate.

Green Affiliates

Highest Profits

Affiliates receive up to 25% of total sales for each checkout they drive to your site.

Green Affiliates

On-Time Payments

Payments are every 1st week of the month.

Green Affiliates

Transparency, Always

Our network tracks every sale, and prioritizes your security

Green Affiliates

Everyone Profits

Merchants gain new customers, and affiliates receive their own profits for each complete sale.

Green Affiliates

Better Brands

Marketing drives success, and the more traffic that arrives at your site thanks to affiliate content, the better your brand becomes.

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We're dedicated to serving our affiliates, brands, and consumers right. No matter your focus, there's a place for you at Green Affiliates.

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